Noor Lounge

was a dream became real, we dreamed to create our own brand to grow wisely to become in future as chain of restaurants through coming years, now we can say that this dream will happen via opening our new branch in 6 of October city as our first branch in Egypt on 26 May 2022.

Today, our branch will widely be spreading its wings in October city for food and coffee cravers to indulge their taste buds and enrich customer senses with culinary creations going beyond expectations. From the clientele that we attract and retain, to the way we add a special touch to their lives, we will always serve much more than food and coffee. We care about quality of food, drinks, atmosphere and service, actually we care about our customer experience in every aspect, our goal is customer satisfaction. Our Menu is an international menu to cover as much as we can all customer’s needs from food or drinks, we choose our ingredients from the best quality suppliers to keep our quality as top and maintain customer satisfaction.

Mission & Vision

NOOR Lounge mission is to gain pioneering position through constant development in the overall experience offered to customers. Our long-term vision is to continue adhering to the quality promise and to maintain our future success by investing in quality product.

The Culinary Team

We choose our team carefully with the highest standards, we value our team by creating a home feeling, our team of cookers are dedicated to their passion which will be reflected on customer’s experience with our variety of food and taste.

The Service Team

Top notch service is the least you can expect from our friendly and professional ground staff, they are trained to keep customer under the home feeling, we serve our customers with love and passion.

The Barista Team

Our coffee is made of the beans in market, we made our own mix to reach the utmost taste of coffee for coffee lovers, for us coffee is a life style for most of customers. We created a brand for us in terms of cold drinks by mixing and adding ingredients to reach your heart.